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Thoughts? Ordering one, waiting, not buying?

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  1. BTRProducer

    For me, this isn't an essential Day One purchase like the original XBox One. This will be a "must have" purchase either when my current TV dies (and I upgrade to a 4K set) or my current Day One XBox One dies. Whichever comes first, I guess.

    Until then, I am content with what I have. :)

  2. Patrick3D

    There are not enough games that interest me to purchase the console this year. Holiday season 2018 will be the most likely time I will be interested to move into the world of 4K media. This year is all about the Nintendo Switch and building a new gaming PC. Sold my PS4 a few months ago and don't miss it. I'm hesitant to buy a 4K TV since every forum is filled with mass confusion about how to get HDR working with no clear messaging from the TV manufacturers. It seems the technology has yet to mature to the point of being a plug'n'play experience.

  3. MattHewitt

    Nah. The games I play aren't in 4K, I don't have a 4K TV, I already have an Xbox One. I could see myself buying one in a few years if some of those things change.

    I don't think it's a bad product or anything, it just doesn't make sense for me personally.

  4. Chris_Kez

    I'd like to say "yes", and support Xbox, but then again I thought I'd buy the Xbox One right away. In reality I ended up getting it as a Christmas gift, and returning it- two years in a row! LOL. I'm sure its great but I had to be honest about how much time I actually game, and whether it was worth the investment. I was mostly using my Xbox 360 for streaming. So maybe in 2018!

    For what it is I think $500 seems fair.

  5. cawfehman

    I'm definitely on the fence on this. I'm tempted simply because it's the new shiny, but the main attraction, 4K isn't an option for me because I don't have a 4K TV. That being said, I'm curious about the supersampling that they mention which will supposedly help existing 1080p titles look that much better. Hopefully, someone will review the X with a 1080p game side by side comparison with the S. Also, at $499, and not having seen the size of the included drive, or the ports, I'm concerned that $499 would be for a 500GB model, which with 4K games and textures is just plain stupid. I did see the images on Amazon for the X have a package for the X that says 1TB, so hopefully that's the base HDD size. anything less would be really disappointing.

    I would also love to see them sell the unit itself, and not include a controller. Take some money off the top, and make it just a system without controller. They could probably easily drop the price $40-50 if they didn't include the controller.

    Found on the Internal storage is 1TB. doesn't say anything about other options.

  6. falbert

    I am affraid of the hype, this is the original xbox one launch all over again, (most powerful console ever again) and it couldnt handle HD resolutions for some games. 4K games will be so demanding that I think this box will be limited from the start. 4K is 4.266X the resolution of HD, add 60 fps to the mix and your 6 Tflops are all gone.

    But then again I dont believe in Ultra HD, I find bluray and even DVD are good enough.

  7. TechnologyTemperance

    Waiting for the first price drop (likely w/ bundles for 2018 holiday season), but will end up getting one. Skipped the "S" so this looks like a nice boost up from my first gen.

  8. ErichK

    Like the original Xbox One, I didn't get one until it had been in the market for a couple of years (I bought the Forza Edition), and likely that will also be the case with this one as well, maybe even longer. So I'm in no rush, but yeah, I could see eventually buying one. Maybe by then I'll have a 4K TV?

    What irritates me are comments about how supposedly the "exclusives" on Xbox are not as good as on Sony's platform. Well, that's for me to decided as an individual consumer. These are not "facts." Some of us like Forza.

  9. Jules Wombat

    Not at that price. No VR/AR capability and no built in Kinnect cameras. Will think about in 2018, when Microsoft drops this to a more realistic price range and adds some VR/AR capability.

    Global XBox sales will continue to fall way behind PS4, with this 'premium' pricing

  10. rameshthanikodi


    that is all.

  11. Tony Barrett

    I can understand that MS want to differentiate this console from the One S, but that's a serious price ticket they've slapped on it. With the PS4 Pro way cheaper already, either MS want to try and reclaim some R&D costs in the first 12 months, or they truly think this console is worth it. I think they'll be dropping the price by Q3/Q4 2018. Nobody's getting that revved up over it.

    • bwinow01

      In reply to Tony Barrett:

      I get what you're saying. For the hardware that they put in the One X, the price is actually really fair, but it still is $500 so that's not a little amount. People build more costly gaming PCs, but I guess that's a win for the PC gamers because Microsoft is making their games available on console and PC.

  12. carlrhorn

    I will be preordering as soon as it is available for preorder....I can't wait!!!

  13. SgtHundley

    Where's that pre-order button. I'm so ready for this!!!

  14. wunderbar

    Not buying this for $600 Canadian. Not a chance.

  15. RamblingGeek

    I think I'm going to wait. I have a 4k TV (not HDR) and the original Xbox One (Day One) ... which is Ok.. I'm not gaming as much these days (40, small child, world) ... I can wait until My Xbox One Dies.

  16. vernonlvincent

    I would love to get one, but we don't have a 4K TV yet. That would essentially be the only thing hold me back.

  17. irfaanwahid

    Brad, X1X is an outstanding device no doubt and I am certainly looking to purchase one when it is available in my region, that's Kenya that I believe should be early next year.

    Sadly, I first have to buy 4K HDR Tv unit so that's an added cost.

    I was disappointed that there was absolute no mention of the next Halo.


  18. bwinow01

    Not really sure what I want to do this time. Normally I would pre order as soon as available, but Microsoft really didn't give me a good reason to do that with this new console. As an owner of the One S, One Elite, and a PS4 Pro, I've spent a decent amount of money on this generation already. I wish that Microsoft would have secured more 1st party exclusives that really make 4K shine; too many low-end indie games during the conference. The PS4 Pro on 4K looks great - especially games like Zero Dawn and Uncharted .. so I know the One X will deliver in graphics, but without some major exclusive games, there's not much point when the PS4 Pro is cheaper and does a phenomenal job. I guess I will probably wait until the next generation consoles are announced.

  19. davidamodt

    They didn't show off enough for a $500 console. Come November, I can see some more announcements coming and see a possible VR play coming on with it.