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Thought I start a thread for everyone to post first impressions of their Xbox Series X|S arriving today. Looking forward to mine. I think I might have refreshed the tracking page a 1000 times already. Enjoy you new purchase and leave some feedback. Good and bad! Happy Xbox day!

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  1. beckoningeagle

    The status in mine is "Out for Delivery" which is a good sign considering that lately everything arrives late.

  2. richardbottiglieri

    I received my Xbox Series S today. Setup was a breeze, and I connected both of my external USB drives to the console. I'm moving up from an OG Xbox One, so this is a big jump. So far, I'm really pleased with the performance. Is tiny, whisper quiet, and really fast.

    One thing I noticed: the games that have been updated via Smart Delivery are indeed playable off of the USB drives, but per Microsoft, this shouldn't be possible, right?

    On my OG Xbox One, I typically used a USB SSD drive for the games I play most regularly, and I also have a WD 6T USB HDD as sort of "cold storage" so I don't have to download anything again. I tested this with "Ori and the Will of the Wisps", and the game worked from all three drives (internal, USB SSD, and USB HDD).

    Anyone else see this too? Is this something new and by design? I did notice that when the game resides on the external storage, there are two arrow icons on top of one another (one pointing left and one pointing right) in the lower right corner of the game tile. When the game resides on internal storage, this icon is no longer present. I'm wondering if this is some kind of universal binary package that will allow the game to run either in backward compatibility mode or X|S native mode, depending on where the game is stored. If so, this is a welcome thing, IMHO, since storage space is pretty small on Series S.

  3. jamie_webster

    I have a 4k LG led TV no HDR. Am I missing alot .

    If I were to.upgrade ill wait till the 4k 120hz become.more available.

    Also am currently enjoying Gear's Tactics on the series x and Ori and the blind forest stunning looking game!!

    Also any man if medan fans short but made me jump

  4. erichk

    Well, my Series S arrived today. Setup was a breeze, the UI is extremely snappy. I've only played one game so far (Forza Horizon 4), but as far as I can tell it looks just as good as it did on my One X. In the interest of diplomacy to users of consoles that can do 4K natively all the time, I will say, sure, maybe if you did a side-by-side comparison, you might see some detail differences up close. But personally, I can't.

    Anyway, I'm extremely happy. Only one weird thing happened: When I turned off the unit, plugged in the Seagate expansion card, and turned the console back on, the following message appeared: "We can see the card, but the connection is too loose. Please re-insert." So I did, and it's been fine since. Probably nothing to worry about, but I hope it was a one-time glitch.

    I'm actually amazed that in 2020, with all the "stuff" going on, that Microsoft and their retail partners (and even Sony) can get these things out to the public.

  5. beckoningeagle

    Setup experience went flawlessly. I switched the External drive from the old box to the new one, chose to restore from Onedrive and everything worked perfectly.

    EA Play games are here, and 4K and Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision simply looks amazing. Using an LG OLED, not a dedicated monitor.

    I am not sure if it is up scaling HD to 4K but shows from Netflix and HBO Max that are not 4K look sharper than the old Xbox. May be placebo effect though. (I had a One S).

    Gears 5 has been updated and it is amazing. Assassins Creed Valhalla also looks amazing.

    The menu experience e, boot up is definitely faster. Love the little Screen Capture button. I need to see if I can have it record video instead of screenshot.

    Finally I had asked Paul in last week's edition of "Ask Paul" if HDMI ARC could be used for audio. There is a problem with 4K implementation in some Panasonic chips, and my Yamaha receiver is one of those. Half of the 4K stuff does not work through the receiver. So I connected the HDMI directly to the TV and ran the audio through the HDMI Audio Return Channel. It works flawlessly, my TV will output Dolby ATMOS, or Dolby Digital to the receiver. It does not, however, output DTS:X or DTS even though the receiver supports it. I am guessing both devices need to support the stream. Dolby ATMOS requires a separate download from the app store.

  6. erichk

    Just got some good news for me anyway. On my Sam's Club account page it says my Series S is in FedEx's hands and is due this Friday. Man am I pumped (assuming all goes well).

  7. burbigo3

    I have not received mine yet but I'll make a quick review about it when i'll receive it.

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  8. techguy33

    Looks like Amazon took down the third party sellers who were taking advantage of the shortage to price gouge

  9. madthinus

    Something that is lacking for me is a showcase. I remember how awestruck I was on the Xbox 360's HD video that was on the console on day one. There is really nothing on the Xbox. It would have been great if each console shipped with a small showcase to highlight a rendering scene, some ray tracing. Almost like a benchmark, something that is WOW. I get the size issue and getting it ready for production. Even a download of a small something for day one would have been awesome. Yes, I have all my older games, and they load great, but, non of them look Next gen.

    • remc86007

      In reply to madthinus:

      I agree. I think the strategic plan was to have that be Halo. When that didn't happen, it was going to be CP it's just Legion and Valhalla I guess, but outside of raytracing in the former and 60fps in the latter, there is nothing next-gen about them.

  10. staganyi

    Walmart in Canada had some availability at 11am EST and to my disbelief, I was able to buy an X. A couple minutes later it was sold out. Now the waiting game I guess.

  11. Suberungoer

    How do you turn Quick Resume off? I have games which are stuck.

  12. nateham

    I'm a Walmart employee. Talked to the folks in electronics department today. Our store got 10 Series X and 2 Series S. They sold out in an hour

    • jwpear

      In reply to NateHam:

      Our local Walmart stores were each showing 5 Series X consoles in stock at 6:45 AM. I drove to one nearby and was in store about 7. The electronics department folks knew nothing about them. They were no where to be found. When I got home, I checked again. Still showed 5 in stock. I read they were going to have some at noon. I checked about 10:30 and the site had changed to out of stock. Same at noon.

  13. wolters

    Looks like no inventory today. It is a shame but I guess I'll wait...I have a ton of Best Buy rewards certificates saved up so have to get mine there. Hopefully we can at least order soon.

  14. erichk

    I engaged in a chat with Sam's Club tech support (I made a preorder through them) last evening just to double check that they were going to start shipping today, and he said they would. About 15 minutes later I got an email saying that due to delays, I might not receive mine until the 27th of this month. Ah well.

    However earlier today I did pick up the rechargeable battery pack and Seagate card that I preordered through Best Buy.

  15. jwpear

    Disappointed there is no inventory for launch day. Don't understand the point of a launch day if there is no stock or very limited stock. Why can't Microsoft take orders and project a ship date like Apple does with its hardware? At least you'd understand where you are in the queue and have an idea of when you might expect it. This bizarre approach of searching all the retailers for limited inventory is just maddening.

  16. boretskymj

    They are all sold out and I was up at 1am to check all the retailers. :-(

  17. madthinus

    First impressions:

    First run experience is great. Installing games is slow, about a 1/4 of the line speed, sigh.

    Interface is fast, but feels dated. Hope they have a refresh planned for later.

    My OCD complains of one thing: the x on the power button is in the wrong position when placed horizontally.

  18. remc86007

    Got my Series X that I ordered through Gamestop with All Access on launch day. I'm really curious how many have been shipped. There are certainly a lot more units than I feared. It wasn't particularly difficult for me to secure one on launch day by just reloading a couple websites. I was worried based on the tech press leading up to the launch that it would be extremely hard to get one prior to Christmas.

    I wonder if any third-party could provide a good estimate based on the number of Series consoles they see hitting their servers. I'd guess that EA or Ubisoft have a pretty good idea how many units are out in the wild.