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Is anyone able to browse for UWP apps on Xbox One by just going to the Store and then through the lists.  I am finding that it is impossible to find any of the new apps unless I search for the keyword “free”. Last time I checked (2 days ago) there were 400+ apps in there. Most of them look very unprofessional and don’t even make sense to be on the Xbox. Is the lack of browsability intentional at this point? Does anyone have any details on this?

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    Details? No. Rampant speculation? Yes.

    I think it's intentional. While it's great that anyone can now write an app and have it run on the XBox, if there isn't going to be the same level of quality control then all those apps probably shouldn't be surfaced the way "real" XBox apps are.

    The platform had enough problems at birth, the last thing it needs now is for articles all over the internet about how the store is now a toxic hell stew.

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    Maybe that vetting should be done when the apps are ingested into the store.  Some human should at least check that the icons are not pure garbage, actual screenshots are provided for the app instead of the mobile or desktop version.

    How about apps that are decent that are not being surfaced. Basically if I wrote a decent app I would not be able to surface it unless I was an Amazon, Netflix, etc.  I think one should be able to browse for apps just like they can do on mobile, desktop.

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    Its been kind of wierd, some UWP apps like Fox SPorts GO are listed and others arent.

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      Exactly how did the Fox app show up but not the rest. They are all free.