Free Google Play Music replacement


Free? replacement for Google play music which means only owned music and android and web client!

Also, MUST work offline. Must I pay?

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  1. dmclaurin

    I had the very same issue. I have installed "Music Player" by Simple Mobile Tools and it has been working well so far. Only glitch I dislike (or maybe I need to tweak a bit) is that my playlists always "start from scratch" when I open the app again, meaning: it does not remember the last song it was playing, and this is an issue for me.

  2. helix2301

    Thats only thing about music subscription services is that the days of having your own music and getting to pick your own player like Winamp are gone. You have to use whatever they provide which sometimes can stink.

  3. bgoodbody

    Problem Solved with YTM. Now free use offline and online.Converted to YTM from and waited while Playlists (4) and associated songs downloaded on phone, based on another user's suggestion. Now it all works from d/loads when in airplane mode. All for free! Which is the best.

  4. Daninbusiness

    Retropod is a pretty nice app for playing music stored locally on your Android device, especially if you'd like to have a clickwheel experience.

    I love playing with that app, but I end up using YouTube Music mostly.

  5. dftf

    Assuming by "owned music" you mean "music I have ripped from my own CDs, or have downloaded in a non-DRM format" then just install VLC Media Player on your device. It'll play virtually any music or video format!

    If by "owned music" you mean "music I purchased inside the Google Play Music app, and stream inside it" then YouTube Music would likely be best, as virtually all of your purchases should all transfer over to it (though you might find some tracks that were available inside GPM are not yet available to stream inside YTM).