Outlook.com contact sync issue on Android


Since yesterday, my outlook.com account has been having issues syncing my contacts to my Pixel 2 phone.

Not sure why it is having an issue but resetting the account OR removing it and adding it back in does not seem to work. What happens is that a small subset starts to sync over and then they all disappear and the “Sync Contact” setting in the Outlook app is set back to OFF. WTF!!!

Outlook.com contact sync has always seemed inconsistent and I have never made edits or changes to contacts on my phone. is a one-way sync to hard for Microsoft?

What I don’t get is that I have never had issues with my work Office365 contacts being in sync (on any phone or device.)

Why is Outlook.com so problematic? Why can’t they use the same ActiveSync technology?

Should I move my contacts to google? I’m seriously considering it.

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