A Surface Pro X Benchmark


I went to a local BestBuy to try out the Surface Pro X, and I ran a browser benchmark on the X as well as some of the other devices to compare.

As you already know, benchmarks can be misleading, and I wasn’t able to create a perfect lab benchmark in the demo environment; however, I thought some people would be interested before more official benchmarks and reviews come out.


·        I used Speedometer 2.0: https://browserbench.org/Speedometer2.0/

·        Benchmark was only run once

·        All tests were run in Edge with only one tab (I was unable to confirm all browsers had the same edge version since the demo units did not allow me to view edge settings)

·        Task Manager was open and sorted by CPU

·        All apps were closed (e.g. the demo full screen app)

·        Power was plugged in

·        If power management allowed it, I set the battery slider to “Best Performance”


·        13.5in Surface Laptop 3 (i5) – 57.6

·        Surface Pro 7 (i5) – 46.9

·        Surface Pro X – 44.3

·        Surface Book 2 (i7) – 42.8

·        15in Surface Laptop 3 (R5) – 41.8

·        Lenovo Yogo C630 (Snapdragon 850) – 25.7

·        Surface Go – 17.3 (Note: This was the 4GB version, and memory was reported as greater than 80%. This means disk swapping was occurring when the other device did not have that issue due to having 8GB ram)

After running these benchmarks, I felt the back of these devices for heat. The Surface Pro 7 was extremely hot. I could not feel any heat on the Surface Laptops. The Surface Pro X was not hot at all. You could feel the temperature difference where the processor is located on the device, but it was comfortable to hold. I would be unable to tell the difference if I wasn’t looking for it.

My assumption is that thermals are the reason why the 13.5in Laptop and Pro 7 had such a different score with the same specs.

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