Are 3:2 screens suffering from a notable quality issue?


This is my first forum post, so I thought I would ask a question to get started. Does anyone else have issues with the quality of 3:2 screens? I have purchased at least 3 Surface devices over time and, recently, an Acer laptop (Swift 3). They have had issues with their 3:2 display panels. I have had to return or replace two surface devices, a Surface Pro 6 and Surface X Gen 1. I also had to return the Acer laptop because the panels had issues. On all of them they had at least one of the following issues, dead pixels, white stuck pixels and small colour halo rings. It feels like the odds that I will have a problem with a 3:2 computer’s display, at least from my experience, are very high. I know I will have a lot of hate from Surface fan people that I am being nit-picky and I should just live with display defects on a computer that cost over $1000. I am hoping it isn’t just my bad luck that is making me have this issue.

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