ARM/Qualcomm WILL challenge Intel but not until next year


It’s nice to see that they rushed out this Snapdragon 850 but I’m very confident that still won’t be enough to get these devices to the point where someone would actually want to buy one, especially if this Intel powered small Surface tablet comes out later this year (and iPads are much nicer and faster than a Snapdragon 850 Windows tablet). BUT, next year, ARM/Qualcomm chips like the Snapdragon 850 will be manufactured on the new 7nm process from TSMC or Samsung, and then Intel will have a real problem on their hands. Best case scenario, Intel starts shipping decent 10nm chips late 2019, more likely 2020 (SemiAccurate wrote an article about this recently). Qualcomm could become the new AMD! Very exciting times. We could see Qualcomm powered Windows tablets everywhere soon

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