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I got an email notifying me that some tablets that were formerly $150 are now $69 at the Microsoft Store website.

They’re low spec’d, but I got one anyway – I don’t have a laptop and I’m going to need something bigger than my phone for a conference coming up.

Should be good enough for daily tasks, especially if you keep it clean.

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  1. jimchamplin

    I've got one. It's a dog. The OEM made no attempt to optimize the install image for the hardware. There's little to no power management, and the battery suffers. The screen has a terrible backlight that causes an ugly ring effect where the outer edges are darker, even though you can see enough light bleeding around the edges to read by.

    Oh, and it won't wake up from sleep half the time. You end up having to power it off and start it back up.

    POS for sure. Just glad I didn't pay for it.

    I miss my Stream 7!

  2. Simard57

    Good luck

    as said, little to no power management, I had to leave it plugged in all the time since it would drain the battery overnight and be dead when I wanted to use it.

    I ultimately did a reset and fresh install - also upgraded to CU. The battery drain issue got better but wasn't great. I would expect to be able to put a table with 80% battery down and pick it up days later with most of the battery still available - but that isn't the case.

    the screen is good - the bleed mentioned is a problem. It is light but I would trade weight for longer battery life.

    It is not serving it's intended use for me and hoping to see Windows 10 S spur better solutions down the road

  3. evox81

    Our office got a couple of these for free with the purchase of a few Dell laptops from MS store. Depending on your use case, they're certainly "not bad" but for $69 don't get your hopes too high. They perform reasonably well considering their specs, but that definitely comes at the expense of battery life. If you're not planning to use it for several hours, I recommend turning it completely off. Boot time isn't terrible and you'll appreciate the extra battery life if you can't keep it plugged in all the time. The screen, despite the light-bleed issue mentioned below, is actually surprisingly good. Very high resolution for its size. The only problem with this is the need to crank the DPI scaling up pretty high. Unfortunately, that means you're going to lose a lot of screen real estate on such a small screen.

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