Considering Microsoft Store Refurb product? Read this first.


Know this, customer support for issues with refurbs is a serious deficiency for Microsoft Store. Here’s the summary of my recent experience:

* Ordered Refurb Surface Book. There was a nice discount over a new version (at the time).
* Shortly after unboxing, found previous damage to screen.
* Visited Physical Store, could not exchange (no refurbs in store).
* Online support personnel could not initiate exchange, must escalate, requires later contact.
* While contact was promised within two days, no contact had been made two weeks later.
* Calling online store support for status proved fruitless (other than additional notes on case).

I ended up returning the laptop as the 30-day return period was rapidly approaching. Needless to say, what started with joy (it’s a truly excellent and gorgeous device) ended with me questioning whether I should ever consider a Microsoft hardware product again.

Oh, the kicker? When in the local store for the return and having just described my frustration with the experience, the employee suggested helpfully “It’s OK, you just can’t please everyone”, as if I was just being difficult.

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