Controlling the volume on XBox one with the game pad


So I’ve been using my XBox One S for a few weeks, and so far, I really like it. One of the few annoyances I have with it, though, is that I don’t know how to control the volume with the game pad. I did the TV connection so that the XBox can turn the TV on and off, and I know how to use the game pad to do that, but what about the volume? Do I have to have the media remote or a Kinect?

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  1. Finley

    You need the media remote. IMO it is worth the ~$25

  2. nathandwyer

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  3. gregsedwards

    Using the controller, you can only adjust the volume of connected headphones. The Xbox One Media remote lets you adjust the volume of the external audio hardware. It's kind of a janky setup designed to get you to buy more hardware, IMO, but it is what it is. You can also use Cortana voice to adjust the volume.

  4. Tallin

    It is possible with the chatpad, as well, though you have to set the X1 and X2 shortcut keys to volume up and down. Honestly, that's the most useful setting for the keys, anyway, as it's nice to be able to adjust volume in games without switching to a remote. Personally, I use either that or a Harmony remote, which is way more universal than the Xbox One Media remote.