Costco Bundle Deal


Nice deal @ Costco

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  1. simard57

    well the screen shot did not get included. Deal includes:

    $799 including Keyboard and Pen

    8 GB/128 GB I5 model

    includes 2 Years warranty

  2. waethorn

    Wow. 32 one-star reviews, mostly of freezing, crashing, and overheating.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    I added an image from the Costco site, hope that's OK.

  4. yaddamaster

    It's not really a great deal - this price is seen frequently. And 128gb is really not large enough. The best option is the $999 bundle for the 256gb variant.

    The absolute best price I saw was at NewEgg a few months ago. Core i5, 256gb, 8gb WITH keyboard all for $999 WITH a $100 newegg rebate. Since I buy frequently at NewEgg that brought the effective price down to $899. And since I was travelling to Montana I had it shipped to a UPS store. No sales tax. So I saved $200.

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