Future of MS HoloLens


Great write up by Daniel Rubino over at Windows Central on the fate (and future) of MS HoloLens


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  1. lvthunder

    These companies will try things until they find out what people actually want and what happens with the technology in the next few years. I don't think anyone knows how this will all shake out.

  2. shark47

    Geez what a mess. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Daishi

    So one more reason to add to the pile for why killing Windows Phone was a bad idea.

  4. jules_wombat

    Android IS the Mobile platform. Hololens was just another gimmick, (like the Kinnect) a Windows Phone OS was never going to save it.

    Windows is just a legacy business PC client platform. Move on and forward. A Linux core Cloud, with Kubernetes based Servers with Browser and Android on the Client side. We all know this.

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