I think the duo and neo are a mistake


I think it is a mistake to have two devices that look identical just are different sizes – from the same company – that run different operating systems. I think it will be confusing for customers – who are used to buying laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and being able to choice the size and everything else is the same – that one runs android apps and can act like a phone. But the other runs windows apps. And the names. I can never keep straight which is neo and which is duo. Shouldn’t they both but duo as they both have two screens. Duo and Duo max/plus? The value of two screens with a bezel between them aside. (Couldn’t I basically do that now if I wanted to by carrying two smart phones in my pocket. Same thickness in my pocket. Unlike folding phones – you can’t use the whole screen for a bigger experience gaming or video.) they should have decided windows or android and done both with that.

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