Inconsistent Cellular Networking Support, Windows 10

Good Day all, was hoping to get some community feedback/support regarding an ongoing, multi year/multi device issue with the inconsistent and unreliable hardware support for LTE/cellular network connectivity on Windows 10. I have owned multiple devices from multiple manufacturers (eg. Lenovo, Dell, ASUS) all of which have come equipped with some form of onboard LTE and despite installing both manufacturer and Microsoft provisioned drivers while using a valid GSM based service (AT&T) the OS seemingly randomly forgets that a cellular network option is available (the icon actually disappears from the list of choices). Looking on one of many Microsoft Community posts covering this issue it is clear that for some reason this has been going on for years with no consistent resolution (windows 10: cellular toggle disappeared – Microsoft Community) Thank you in advance for any assistance or perspective on this and I apologize if this sounds venty but I just bought a new Dell laptop and am a little miffed that despite spending the extra to get LTE connectivity it remains an unreliable method of connecting to the internet. Thank you all, best wishes.

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