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Has anyone received their Invoke firmware update to turn it into a Bluetooth speaker and nothing more? The web site says January 2021, but I have yet to received anything (although there’s still plenty of time in January.)

Related, the $50 gift card I got expired in three months instead of the year that was promised, and I got an email about that and “applied” for a new one that will actually expire in a year (I hadn’t spent any of it). Haven’t heard back on that, either.

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  1. remc86007

    Last I checked mine is still working as a Spotify connect speaker (which is all I want it to do). Not sure about the gift card; I spent it already.

  2. earlster

    Mine is still working as a Cortana speaker. And same deal with the store credit, I got an email after 3 months that it was about to expire, so I just used it towards some Jabra headphones that I needed anyway.

    As great as MS for business, software and XBox, I'm done with them for consumer hardware, ergonomic keyboards excepted.

  3. yaddamaster

    i was wondering this myself

  4. manzo

    I'd love to know if anyone's asked HK about the possibility of porting Alexa to the speaker, given they have Alexa speakers in their range.

    I have bought a few Amazon Echo Flex devices, and hooked them up to some of my Invokes, and whilst it mostly works well, the Bluetooth connection sometimes needs resetting, which is a pain.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to manzo:

      I had mine connected to a 3rd gen Echo Dot and have some issues with it dropping. I switched to the 4th gen Echo Dot and have had not issues really since. Sometimes I'll need to tell Alexa to connect to Bluetooth but that is the most I've had to do.

      • manzo

        In reply to Sprtfan:

        It doesn't drop the connection, but the audio starts to break up. As you say, it's just a case of disconnecting the Bluetooth and reconnecting it, but it would be nice to not have to do it. Or just have Alexa on the Invoke itself!

  5. gregsedwards

    I had four of these, as well as a pair of original Surface Headphones. All of them got the gift cards. All of them expired before they advertised. I got an email from Microsoft in mid-December that they realized the expiration error and offered to reissue my gift cards. I responded immediately, provided all the information they requested, and...waited. The day before I was set to lose $200+ in free money, I started to get a little panicked. I tried to use the credit to purchase Xbox gift cards, which I could then use to make later purchases at my convenience. But to no one's surprise, these Microsoft gift cards were ineligible to spend on gift cards. So, I just ended up buying several Xbox controllers for my kids at the last minute. About a week later, I got a "we've received your response" email from the team regarding the email I'd sent to them weeks earlier. Way to botch reparations, guys. I'd hoped to bring a new Surface Duo down to a more affordable price point and spend another $1000 with your company. But new controllers are neat, too. ?

  6. kingbuzzo

    I just got the stupid thing working (in Canada) a couple of weeks ago - she nags me about the upcoming hairy-carrie but I'm hoping that some poor slob in some daytacenter somewhere in the ether will leave the server

    I will miss her when she is will the kids

  7. greenberry woods

  8. jbinaz

    Well, I got a reminder email a few days ago about the upcoming update, still saying January. I thought, well, they're running out of time, and it wouldn't shock me if they pushed it back. Nope. Last night, it must have updated. I only noticed because I was cleaning up some stuff in my office and accidentally tapped the top. The lights lit up, but Cortana didn't say, "Here's something important you should know..." I said, "Hey, Cortana," and nothing.

    RIP Cortana on Invoke.

    • jbinaz

      In reply to jbinaz:

      Huh...I tried it again, and the device lit up when I said, "Hey, Cortana," and although it took about 15 seconds, she replied with, "Something went wrong." My guess? They disconnected the back-end service, but the firmware isn't actually updated yet.

  9. jbinaz

    After the news earlier this week (or was it last week?), it really happened - my Invoke is now just a speaker. Farewell, Cortana on Invoke! You weren't all that useful, but somehow, I'll still miss you.

    At least the speaker has good sound!

  10. Richard

    I found the Invoke Cortana speaker great for what it was. Solid sound with ability to contol music and some devices by voice. I was lucky, bought it for a steal at $25 on closeout sale and then cashed out the $50 Microsoft deal as part of the service shutdown. I still use it as a Bluetooth speaker.