Is Rapid Hybrid Drive a NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD?


I have found this little gem in Microsoft Surface Studio advert. Check it out…

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    It doesn't look like Hybrid HDD to me but type of PCIe M.2 SSD.

    Screenshot taken from the advert:

    Samsung NVM PCIe SSD for comparision:

    Samsung NVMe SSD

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      I wondered about this too. It's very bizarre - the video clearly shows an SSD, not a spinning disk, but then why not just call it an SSD? And I've never heard of a hybrid drive that had entirely separate interfaces to the motherboard for the SSD cache and the spinning disk components.

      Would be nice to get a definitive statement on this. I think most of what we're reading are just reporters' assumptions about the meaning of "rapid hybrid drive."

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        Lenovo has - or had - a whole line of laptops and desktops that had that configuration, separate SSD and HDD components. They used a software component to make it work, ExpressCache I think it was called. There was also an Intel technology that did the same with 2 separate devices that was built into their RAID hardware.

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      That definitely looks like a M.2 connector.  We have all these websites reporting on specs but nobody has bothered to get the full details. Things like which skylake version is included, storge type, ram speed etc.

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    Paul mentioned in either First Ring or Windows Weekly that it's a spinning drive with an SSD component, similar to Apple's Fusion Drive. Honestly at this price, like the 8GB RAM in the base Studio model, that's enormously disappointing.