It’s a good time to release a non-pro Surface tablet


After hearing the news today, a few things came to me that I thought are worth posting.

– The Surface Pro is big and heavy for a tablet (and it’s not cheap either), there is no ‘normal’ sized Surface tablet, so there is an untapped market here.

– with Android tablets effectively discontinued, there is now an opportunity here for Windows/Surface tablets (Chrome OS tablets suck and will continue to suck for some time, and at the moment there is only 1 in existence)

– The hardware is ready: Microsoft and Intel have figured out how to make a fanless tablet with good performance. The i5 Surface Pro and i5 Surface Book clipboard are fanless.

– Intel has improved a lot since the m3 processor in the Surface Pro 4, and I believe the upcoming version will have a PCH chipset made on the 14nm process for better battery life and less heat, which is especially important in a small fanless tablet and package such as the Core m3

– Microsoft has figured out how to make a cellular Surface, the Surface Pro got great reviews and people will want that option in a 10″ tablet

– we now know that Windows + ARM is not a good experience and possibly won’t ever be a good experience, Intel is the way to go for Windows tablets

Overall, a 10″ Intel powered Surface tablet just makes sense at this time, it certainly makes more sense than the Surface Laptop. I think it could sell well and surprise some people

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