It’s time for MSFT to do the right thing with Band 2


Certainly it’s no secret the quality control/hardware issues Microsoft has had with the Band 2 from cracked straps, to GPS issues, to battery issues and more.  While I really like the device and already miss it, I finally had to throw in the towel as my latest (3rd after the strap had cracked on the previous) one started randomly shutting off and would no longer sync with my phone.  Took it to the MSFT store and was told they had no more inventory.  They offered me $175 of in store only credit.  Weirdly, they wanted the charger too…can’t imagine they’re trying to refurbish these things.  My wife is also on her third one and I finally broke down and got her an Apple Watch for Christmas (she liked the Band beyond the reliability issues).  We’ll be taking hers back for a refund as well.


The failure rate on these things has to be incredibly high, high enough that MSFT should do the right thing and recall them or allow them to be exchanged for a full refund.  While all electronic devices have a certain shelf life, this thing is barely over a year old.  Seems like MSFT is sweeping this under the rug as quickly as possible and will be successful given that they probably never sold a lot of them.


I’m not the litigious sort, but I don’t think some sort of class action is unreasonable here.  To their credit, MSFT exchanged the previous 4 bands with very little hassle, but they need to own up to the fact that these things simply didn’t deliver basic quality control.

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