Just pre-ordered SurfaceBook2. Because I embrace pain and suffering.


History – used SBook1 for approx 1year from Dec2016 to now (so I missed the majority of issues at the start) and while it hasn’t been without issue it has also found a special place and I love/hate/love the thing.

After it looked like the SB2 wasn’t going to happen this year I relented and bought the new HP Spectre x360 15 with 8th Gen i7, 16GB, 1TB, 4k, etc, etc. A fine machine in theory but I really disagree with Paul on this as being a a laptop veteran of about 15years where I have used laptops exclusively and changed them almost every year for the latest and greatest – I just don’t get the HP. Its just full of unaceptable rookie mistakes, so long story short that went back and I’m now looking to embrace the pain with a launch day SBook2.

Got my pre-order in this morning for the i7, 16GB, 512GB in 13.5″ version. I would have thrown my money at the 15″ version but its not out in the UK… “because Microsoft”.

But… where are the reviews? pre orders are open and I’m yet to see a single review outside of the brief hands on event where they announced it. I’m concerned because the 13.5″ doesn’t have a CPU fan and its a quad-i7. To me this just screams disaster, but being the fool I am I’m hoping beyond hope that they have worked some thermal magic and everything will be fine. I know right… if this was true there would be throwing review units at people but there is an errie silence and its making me nervous.

anyone else ordering today? Should we start a support group? “SurfaceBook anonymous”.



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