Microsoft Store complete and total FAIL


I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro last month. Decided I should purchase the Microsoft Complete protection package for $149.99.

Tried to use the microsoft store app. Searched for “Complete”. It defaults to the “Microsoft Surface” category. Only option there is the package for Surface Go. Change the Category to “All categories” and the rest of the surface options show up. I try and add the package for Surface Pro to my cart and – error. And error saying it’s on their end. That happened last night and is still happening.

Called the 800 number and tried to buy it over the phone. They got the same error. They tried to escalate it internally – nothing. Guy on the phone actually asks me to go into a physical store to purchase the protection package.

Congratulations, Microsoft. Honestly, this takes skill to achieve this level of ineptitude.

Oh, and despite me buying this in a store I still have no rewards points for the purchase. Apparently physical store purchases aren’t syncing up correctly with one’s account. Despite their insistence it should work.

I want Microsoft to succeed in the consumer space but jeeeeez louis.

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  1. jimchamplin

    My gf went in to purchase a Dell gaming rig a few years back. I was going to pay half of it. Despite the machine being in the store, they had no way of splitting the payment across two cards. In 2014.

    We both work for Bed Bath and Beyond and the POS software from the 1970s that was running at that time was capable of splitting a payment any way the customer wants.

    But Microsoft was incapable of processing a simple split payment. We were told we could order it and have it delivered to the store. Again, working in a place that does that, we said, "Okay, let's do it" and they pointed to a demo computer and said that we could just order using the website.

    Astounding. Fucking astounding.

  2. hrlngrv

    Great advertising for MSFT services, ain't it?

    Then again, perhaps every retailer with any collective brains relies on AWS rather than Azure.

    Who says MSFT isn't already IBM 2.0?