Microsoft Surface Go and Microsoft Display Dock


Being a Microsoft fan means that I have several pieces of Microsoft hardware sitting around (anyone want to buy a working Band 2 or 950 XL?). When I used my 950 XL, I bought the Microsoft Display Dock so I could use the phone like a computer, with a mouse, keyboard, external monitor, etc. I hadn’t used it for a while, and re-discovered it in a box while I was looking for something else.

On a whim, I hooked it up to power, HDMI, then plugged in USB-C to USB-C on my Surface Go (I unplugged the Surface Go power connector first). It works! I have an external drive, 27 inch monitor, and a wired mouse hooked up and everything is working. The battery is at 100%, but Windows does show that it is plugged in to power. I’m not sure if it would have enough power to charge the Go if the battery were lower, might test that out later. Too bad the Display Dock doesn’t have ethernet, but it’s nice to have alternative docking solutions if I ever have need for a larger display on the Surface Go.

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  1. jwpear

    Winning! Nice little bonus!

  2. bbold

    Yes! Another use for mine which I bought two years ago and barely use since I don't have a docked Windows machine that calls for it. I do own the Surface go and new Surface Laptop 2, tho, so great to hear it works on those, too. They really need to update it to include USB C though, I think. If it's on sale or on eBay for cheap, grab one.

  3. robincapper

    Nice, saved me trying! Had a 950XL, till I cracked the screen mountain biking, and still have the dock but had not tried it with my Go