Microsoft VR solution and this consumers use case


When HoloLens was first announced I was impressed like many of us.  My view was maybe a little different than most though.  My first thought was “man the TV manufacturers were going to go out of business.”  I could create a virtual TV as big as I wanted to and as many as I wanted, anywhere I wanted, sign me up.  However, as we know now the FOV and price point put a stop to that thought.  Fast forward to now.  Microsoft is offering that same HoloLens experience in a 300 dollar VR headset using my existing computer/laptop.  Oh yes we are getting somewhere.  So now for the price of a small screen TV I can have a  virtual 90 inch mondo TV.  Not only that I can have multiple 90 inch TV’s.  Football may never be the same again. I can have those hologram images shown in that NFL HoloLens video on a virtual room with none of the FOV problems of HoloLens.  I certainly hope this is where they are going, because if it is I am all in.  Screw the VR games, I am good with watching football on my TV while streaming an Xbox One game on another TV, while streaming a Steam game on another, with a hologram replay on the streets of a Paris café.  Sorry wife and kids, daddy has got to play.

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