Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Fuzziness


Picked up v2 of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter while on sale at Best Buy. Was thinking it might be a good option to help reduce some wires in our study.

Attached to my Dell monitor, which runs natively at 1920×1200. Noticed that the image is fuzzy when connecting my Surface Pro 3. I tried my wife’s Surface Laptop too. Both were fuzzy.

I checked that the display properties were set to 1080p, which as I understand, is the adapters max resolution. I also checked that my monitor was not stretching the image. Even made sure the adapter firmware was updated. Everything was good.

Anyone using one of these on a monitor that has a higher than HD resolution? Are you able to get text/image to display clearly? Is this thing just mean for connecting to HD TV’s?

I guess the better option is to get the Surface Dock, but that still leaves us with more wires than we would like.

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