Neo & Duo pricing


I have a year to put together a cast-iron arguement as to why my Surface Pro 4 needs to be replaced with Neo and my One-Plus must immeditaly and without hesitattion make way for the Duo.

It’s not going to be an easy sell.

The wife took one look at my excitement at yesterday’s surface news and immediately fired several warning shots about the potential cost of replacing perfectly good devices with shiny new, duel screened tech that I probably don’t need in my life, but absolutely want.

As someone who doesn’t follow tech, and couldn’t care less about the inner workings of Microsoft, she asked the obvious: “Well, how much are they?”

Great questtion. I dunno. Nobody does.

I appreciate we have a full year to play guessing games about price and availablility, but what’s your best estimate on how much these devices will cost?

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