Non Removable SSD in Surface Pro (2017) or Surface Laptop


Yes this is a rant. So I have read/watched the tear down reviews from ifixit on the Surface Pro (2017) and the Surface Laptop. I was already let down with the fact the devices did not have a modern USB type C connector but when I read their tear down reviews I was horrified and appalled at the fact that they made the choice to make the hard drive non removable. Yes Folk you cannot replace the hard drive on either of the two devices. This is by far the dumbest mistake Microsoft has made in my opinion since removing the Start button on Windows 8. I do hope that they receive enough push back from users that they quickly change this mistake and release another version within the next year and not multiple years. This is supposed to be a pro devices not that cheap $70 tablets they keep on trying to pawn off on us at the Microsoft Store. I mean come on what happens if the mother board that everything is soldered to goes out. How can a IT department recover the data. So I have to go and tell my executive who had to have the red one with carpet keyboard that their data is all gone! FRIED! More like your FIRED!

I will be telling any one who ask me if you want a Surface buy the Surface Pro 4 and skip the new models or buy the knock off versions.

Did some high up at Microsoft saying the devices were built for future ? Well not if you need to repair them. Make sure you buy the extended warranty your going to need it are you may WannaCry. And forget upgrading thats a thing of the past.

Here is the best quote from their articles.

“Yeah, Microsoft impressed us—by being way worse than we expected.“

Surface Laptop ifixit.

Surface Pro (2017)

Microsoft I hate you right now,


Proud owner of a Surface Pro 4.

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