Now that my Band 2 is out of warranty


I just saw tha the strap on my Band 2 is split and now Microsoft is not coming out with a Band 3, what suggestions do you have as a replacement?  I like keeping things in the Microsoft ecosystem (I have 950 and Surface Pro) so what fitness trackers/watches would you suggest?  I found the Band 2 to have the sweetspot between a Apple watch and a Fitbit.

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    bbold Alpha Member #669 - 3 months ago

    Personally, I would wait until the Microsoft event next week to make any decisions. They said there would be no Band 3 "this year" who knows, it may be coming next. As far as the Band splitting, I'm just about to be on my 3rd Band 2 split replacement device. (I wear it 24/7 and use it for my daily workouts, so I can totally attest that the band splits constantly and its a manufacturing flaw.) If they would just fix that in a 'band 3', we would be golden. I purchased the extended warranty so I should be good to keep replacing through 2018. I love the Band so I'm really wishing that they keep it going in the future. Hoping to see some great new products and announcements next week, too. Good luck.

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    prjkthack Alpha Member #2438 - 3 months ago

    Go to Sign in and register your Band if you haven't already. Request repair. For the reason, choose "other", and type in that the Band itself is tearing, and it should say that it is covered and that replacement is free of charge. You can send it in and get a replacement.

    I just did this and my replacement is on the way.

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    staganyi Alpha Member #2348 - 3 months ago

    @prjkthack I haven't sent mine in yet but I did select other like you did. Glad to know that works. Thanks.

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    inlocoabsentia Alpha Member #1634 - 3 months ago

    Paul recommended the FitBit Alta. If I hadn't been able to buy the Band for $125 in the Sports Authority liquidation, I would have bought that instead.

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    staganyi Alpha Member #2348 - 3 months ago

    So a split in the strap is not covered by the warranty? I thought it was. Seems like everyone has that problem.

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    aloteda Alpha Member #1756 - 3 months ago

    Same here. $200 for warranty repair. She loves her Band2, but given the EOL I'll have to get her something else -- perhaps a FitBit.

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    z00ker - 3 months ago

    I was counting on and waiting for the Band 3. My Band 1 is taped together but still works great. I wear it every day as my 'alarm clock' and for notifications.

    Yesterday I started looking at the FitBit Charge 2... maybe. I don't know of any option that I know will work with my Lumia 950. I've been feeling so screwed for buying into the Microsoft ecosystem.

    - J

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    staganyi Alpha Member #2348 - 3 months ago

    My wife just had the same problem. Isn't the warranty a year? Has the band2 even been out a year?