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It seems like everyone is interested in a standalone Surface studio touch monitor with same hardware design.  Can we setup an online petition and see if we can get Microsoft to get interested in this.  Brad Sams mentioned yesterday on twitter that he spoke with Microsoft at the event regarding this.  I think that by doing a pettition we can at least show the interest. can probably help with promothing this.

What does everyone think?

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    What'd be the point of just the monitor only? Presumably you'd want to be able to use touch and pens on the screen to use it as an interactive drawing/drafting table. If it were only a monitor, you'd need to connect it to someone else's PCs? The base itself needs to be relatively heavy to support the monitor and supporting your weight when you press on it (resting your forearm on it as you draw/write on it). The base would only have a power cord and a port to connect to another PC?

    I suppose the main question would be whether MSFT wants to become a monitor company. Maybe irrelevant, but Apple doesn't make/sell monitors.

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      I am talking about the same setup (touch, arm, design). I would plug it into my surface book or desktop and use it like that.  I would buy that in the 2K range if it was available.  The base doesn't need to host the computer just the guts to run the display and possibly the weight necessary for the balance.

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      Indeed, if it was sold as a touch-screen monitor with pen and dial support and a "blank" base simply for support, it would be interesting because then you could connect it to a computer of your choice. But I think the reason why Microsoft deliberately didn't do this is because they want it to be used with Windows and not be used with MacOS.

      Surface Studio is squarely aimed at the iMac users.

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        You could not use it with MacOS because macos does not have proper support for multi touch (at least not yet).  Also the drivers would need to be available for MAC in order for any touch to work. I would not worry about that.

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    I know there are at least some who just want a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor. Microsoft must be sourcing those from somewhere, so I'd expect we'll start to see them eventually (although maybe not, it's not like laptop devices other than Surface have started showing up with that aspect). In terms of the whole unit, I absolutely agree that Microsoft should: not having it available for those who need more power and have to be able to keep up with new hardware seems a mistake to me. For a video editor of CAD specialist who might spend $10,000 on their desktop, the PC hardware in the Studio is woefully underpowered but, I would assume, the form factor would still be useful to some, and Microsoft should make that available.

    But a petition is a silly idea. Microsoft knows people want this. The question is whether they feel it's in their interests to make it.

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    I want one bad enough that I've created a Google alert to watch for news of one. The internals of the current Surface Studio aren't beefy enough for my needs - I would rather hook up the monitor only to my very beefy HP Workstation - full size video card, 128 GB of RAM, etc. I'm one of those ex Apple Mac Pro owners who left Apple after they lost interest in creative professionals.

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    That would be unique because I don't believe OEM's make or even design their own screens and they just get the 3rd party manufacturer to but their logo on the screens. Wheres the AIO's are made by specific ODM's for MS and the others.  

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    I would like to see the opposite part of the Surface Studio available as a stand alone product, the PC part. It would be comparable in size to the MacMini, but way more powerful. If the video card could be upgraded to a 1070/80 it would be an even better gaming PC than it is now.

    I guess I could team up with someone who just wants the monitor and we could use a hack saw?!

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    MS is not in the hardware market to sell computer or screens they are in it to inspire OEM's to make devices that people want. I am sure one OEM or another will come out with a very Surface Studio looking screen in the years to come. Wacom already has similar devices and once they see that the 28inch form factor is liked the might come out with a cintiq studio.

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    Interesting concept

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    same here! "surface studio monitor only" would be the best! with the dial and touch and pen... perfect with OLED instead of bad LCD/TFT 

    i would pay 5000 for it! great with my high end pc's 

    and for sure with 100% SSD inside ;-)




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    My hopes is that as it becomes cheaper to make the surface hub and Miracast becomes more reliable we start to see more affordable surface hubs. 

    A 24 or 28 inch 3:2 monitor with a Miracast receiver built-in. Like the surface hub it would have pen and touch feedback to the device connected or casting to it, be it a PC or a continuum capable phone ! SURFACE PHONE ! 

    It will be 5 years before this technology is reasonably priced for the average consumer.