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I purchased the 8″ NuVision tablet in the Windows store and I was surprised that the power settings only suported the Balanced option and there does not seem to be support for Sleep or Hibernate. I am continually finding the battery dead in the morning – seems to be continually draining the battery overnight. All that is open is Edge with tabs opened to a few websites (Facebook, CNN, ESPN, Thurrott, Windows Central).

why would Suspend and Hibernate NOT be supported? Is there something I can do to change the Power setting options? I would like to change the behavior of the power button to hibernate the tablet.

any expert advice would be appreciated!

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    06 October, 2016 - 7:31 am

    <p>That is strange. Try running from the commandline:</p>
    <p>powercfg -availablesleepstates</p>
    <p>That should show you what the hardware supports. If nothing is listed, I’d see if I could get into the BIOS/UEFI to see if there are available sleep states which are disabled, and if sleep states are available, I’d probably try a Windows reinstall to see if that enables them. BIOS/Driver updates from the OEM could potentially help, too.</p>

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