prediction for the heavily redesigned Surface Pro "Carmel"


Mary Jo says the Surface Pro will be heavily redesigned for 2019 and that makes sense, considering the Surface Pro 3, 4 and 2017 are pretty much identical (just the insides changed). I have an educated prediction for the device: I think Microsoft will switch from the current ‘flap’ style kickstand to a bar-style kickstand seen in Surface Pro clones such as the HP Spectre (do a google image search for HP Spectre kickstand to see the bar style kickstand if you aren’t familiar). I know the Surface team puts a lot of attention on component packaging and weight balance/weight distribution and a bar-style kickstand would be a significant improvement over the flap-kickstand. I also believe a bar kickstand could allow the device to be slightly thinner. We have an HP spectre 2-in-1 at home and the bar kickstand just makes for a nicer overall device than the flap on the surface pro.

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