probably my last surface purchase


I have four Surface devices in my home. Two surface pro’s – a 5 and a 7. And then two surface book’s – first generation.

I purchased an extended warranty on the 5. When I called tonight to attempt to have my warranty honored on the bundled keyboard I was told that the extended warranty I purchased DOES NOT apply to the entire bundled purchase but only the device itself. Apparently there should have been a separate warranty also offered to me by the support staff at the MS store I purchased from.

Is this common knowledge? I would have thought that when I am offered an extended warranty and I purchase said warranty it would have been for the whole purchase – especially if it was a bundle.

This is honestly very frustrating. The support people on the phone were extremely unhelpful. And of course there are no Microsoft stores anymore to talk to a real person…..although that would have likely ended the same way as well.

For the price of the extended warranty I’m very surprised it didn’t cover the power supply nor the bundled keyboard.

Frustrating. Might be time to go back to Lenovo – they never asked questions nor gave me the runaround on warranty support.

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  1. innitrichie

    I know Apple cover includes the keyboard and the pencil if you buy AppleCare+ for the iPad Pro. I would have expected Microsoft to at least match that with their warranty service. These things you need to investigate before you purchase, as you can often get unexpectedly stung by nasty surprises. I would feel the same way as you given the prices.

    • yaddamaster

      In reply to innitrichie: exactly - the extended warranty was NOT cheap. it's a significant percentage of the original cost.

      I know I'm probably preaching to the choir and plenty of others have lamented the demise of any pretense that Microsoft is a consumer company (outside of xBox).
      My work-issued Macbook Pro is growing on me. Still things i don't like and I hate the idea of being locked into an apple ecosystem with iOS but my next personal device may very well be a Mac.

  2. wright_is

    If it was bought in a bundle (i.e. Pro + keyboard cover in one package or sold together at a discounted package price) and I bought an extended warranty at the point of sale with the bundle, then I'd expect it to cover the bundle. If I bought the items separately and bought a warranty on the Surface Pro, then I wouldn't expect it to cover the accessories...

  3. Daishi

    Let me put this simply, extended warranties are a scam.

    I’m sure this comment is now going to be inundated by anecdotes of ‘that time’ where having the extended warranty totally paid off. But the data on this is quite clear.

    The vast majority of electronics either fail quite rapidly, well within the period of the manufacturer’s original guarantee, or years and years after purchase, outside the scope of even the longest of extended warranty.

    Do not waste your money on them.

  4. anoldamigauser

    I like Lenovo kit, but their warranty is not great either. Make sure, when you purchase, that you upgrade the warranty to one-day on site, even if you get a ThinkPad. Their warranty depots are few and far between if you have to ship or drop it off for service.

    I have also found that their QC seems to be dropping, I bought a Yoga 940 for my daughter that was simply a disaster...almost everything has been replaced in four visits to the shop, the last one was for over a month. I replaced that with a ThinkPad Yoga L13, and the keyboard died in the first week, but having learned my lesson, they shipped a new one two days later.

  5. matsan

    Here in EU different rules apply if you buy it as business or personal customer. Many companies these days asks users to buy stuff as a private person and then expense it to the company. I don’t know if there are any legal issues with this or not...

  6. Chris_Kez

    This is a case where I think you would have had a much better experience in-store. Having dealt a few times with both Microsoft's in-store and online help, the latter was nowhere near the same-- it was like it was a different company.