So basically, Courier is back?


Brad says Andromeda is now bigger, which pretty much means it’s Courier, right? I think this is a much better idea than a folding smartphone, so I’m excited

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  1. ChiWax

    I just want choices in portable productivity devices. The only companies doing that are Microsoft(SurfaceGo), Apple(iPad Pro), Samsung(Note9) and HP(Folio). I don't buy the argument that all I can be is a "phone junky" who also uses a $1500 laptop. Tired of that narrative. Something between a phone and a Surface/iPad sounds good to me. Even if it isn't for everyone who use phones and giant laptops.

  2. colmob

    It seems so; I would buy both, for different reasons, but I think that a Courier/Intel Tiger Rapids might have a better chance at success. I say that despite very much wanting an LTE-enabled pocket OneNote device running Windows.

  3. willr

    I always wanted Courier. U could use one screen as a virtual keyboard so it would be just like a laptop

  4. Simard57

    how is it different than the Lenovo Yoga Book

    • PeterC

      In reply to Simard57:

      Yes exactly. Its probably going to be more "surface". When you look at reviews and pictures of the device you kinda wonder why win 10 desktop? wheres the touch interface. So I reckon the Ms one will debut a better touch UI. If it doesn't they haven't learnt anything.

    • Bdsrev

      In reply to Simard57:

      On that Yoga Book, one of the screens is E-Ink. Andromeda and Courier would/will have 2 normal displays