So basically, Courier is back?


Brad says Andromeda is now bigger, which pretty much means it’s Courier, right? I think this is a much better idea than a folding smartphone, so I’m excited

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  1. ChiWax

    I just want choices in portable productivity devices. The only companies doing that are Microsoft(SurfaceGo), Apple(iPad Pro), Samsung(Note9) and HP(Folio). I don't buy the argument that all I can be is a "phone junky" who also uses a $1500 laptop. Tired of that narrative. Something between a phone and a Surface/iPad sounds good to me. Even if it isn't for everyone who use phones and giant laptops.

  2. colmob

    It seems so; I would buy both, for different reasons, but I think that a Courier/Intel Tiger Rapids might have a better chance at success. I say that despite very much wanting an LTE-enabled pocket OneNote device running Windows.

  3. willr

    I always wanted Courier. U could use one screen as a virtual keyboard so it would be just like a laptop

  4. Simard57

    how is it different than the Lenovo Yoga Book

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