So is Microsoft giving up on Surface?


onMSFT just ran a story (search “Will Microsoft’s Surface business be the next to bite the dust? Industry execs think so” ) about this, do you think this is true? I really hope not… I really wish Paul and Brad would talk to some people in the know about this and let us know where things stand, it would be an interesting article

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  1. rameshthanikodi

    Mary Jo Foley doesn't think so. Paul thinks they might...

    Part of what contributes to the uncertainty is the Surface team hasn't really laid out a clear roadmap. The Surface Book hasn't been updated in awhile. Their product refresh cycle isn't as transparent as PC OEMs.

    Personally I hope they don't stop. The Premium PC space was struggling to drive demand until Microsoft muscled in on the turf. They need to exist, even if they lose money on it, solely just to drive the demand for premium/exemplary Windows 10 hardware. HP, Dell, Lenovo have been making nice PCs forever, but they rarely ever got any attention. I guess you can say it's media bias/laziness, but that's just how it is. Even though the Surface Laptop isn't class leading, it got a lot of attention from the media. Meanwhile literally no one reported on HP's refreshed Spectre's. Even the $999 pixelbook chromebook thing will get more attention. So yeah.

    • PhilipVasta

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      Well, I wouldn't say the other OEMs have been making great PCs for very long, at least not PCs that measure up to the polish and quality of Apple's MacBooks.

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to PhilipVasta:

        My taste doesn't run to light and elegant. I have a peculiar preference for power and would gladly accept greater size and weight. Nothing wrong with Dell's Precision line of laptops over the years, or Lenovo ThinkPads. If I were to focus on light, I'd prefer Lenovo X1 Carbon to any of the Mackbooks. On a different tack, I'll take most mini PCs over Mac Minis.

        You have to compare PCs priced like Macs rather than median priced PCs to Macs.

    • Mark from CO

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      False Agent:

      I wouldn't blame the Surface Team for not laying our a clear roadmap. Nadella's Microsoft strategy, particularly in terms of its non-cloud efforts, doesn't seem at all clear or coherent, even to Microsoft's senior executive team. If Microsoft doesn't have a clear vision, how can the Surface Team really establish a roadmap, much less make it a clear one? At this point, I don't think Microsoft really knows where it should head.

      Mark from CO

  2. Brad Sams

    Going to go with a big no.

    • anchovylover

      In reply to brad-sams:

      I don't know Brad. MS took a large decrease in Surface revenue at last report if I remember correctly. Another couple of quarters like that and I believe MS would consider it.

      The Surface line has achieved exactly what MS had hoped so they may call it a win and pull the plug.

      • SilentHero117

        In reply to anchovylover:

        If you're referring to a report based on MSFT's Q3 financials, this was before they unveiled the new Surface Pro. That was generally expected by pretty much everyone as the Surface Pro 4 sorely needed an update at the time. OTOH, I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped the Surface Book line.

  3. WP7Mango

    There have been 5 iterations of the Surface Pro, two iterations of the Surface Book, now a Surface laptop, and a Surface Studio.

    If they were going to stop, they would have done so a long time ago.

    • Jules Wombat

      In reply to WP7Mango:

      If there is little business sense, or distinction, then Yes, Satya will chop out Surface products. Just like Windows Phone.

      There is little to no point of Surface Laptop or Surface book anymore. Keeping a revised speced up Surface Studio, Hub and the successful Surface Pro line.

      Reduction in Surface range, next year.

  4. jwpear

    I don't think this is as big of an issue as it was when Surface first appeared. Microsoft doesn't care about consumer today as it did then. Why should it care about Surface now?

    The OEMs can make devices that fit Microsoft's target enterprise market. Those devices don't have to be as sexy as the consumer market.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they just let Surface wither. I really hope I'm wrong.

  5. hrlngrv

    Cynical: if it were mostly consumers who bought Surface devices, the Surface division might be on it's way to the abattoir. However, if there were lots of enterprise buyers, I couldn't see MSFT dumping it.

    That said, Surface Pro (tablets), Surface laptops and maybe Surface Studio make sense for enterprise customers, but Surface Books may not. If MSFT were to rationalize the Surface line-up, I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped Surface Books.

  6. Angusmatheson

    The Consumers Reports don’t buy recommendation is not, I’m sure, good news for those within Microsoft who want to keep the Surface line alive. It is hard to argue that they help the company’s reputation with news stories like that.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    We did discuss this on Windows Weekly yesterday. Frankly, I don't see them killing Surface short-term. Long term, this is today's Microsoft, and they seem more aggressive about killing stuff that doesn't work.

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