So many Surface Go breakups…


Breaks my heart to see so many Surface Go boxes in Best Buy’s “open box” showcase whenever I walk into one of the stores.

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  1. noflames

    Why not give one a good home?

  2. Belralph

    I put one out in the wild at work for our rodent trap monitoring. It gets carried around in a rugged case with a strap for a couple miles and over a hundred Bluetooth bar code scans every week. It's the right tool based on what I need it to do. The specs and reviews are pretty clear on what it can and can't do. I try not to complain when a company gives me more options.

  3. james_b

    I love my Surface Go and so does my wife. No complaints here.

  4. Thom77

    It's a flawed device but I'm completely happy with it . Both my HP 13 Envy ultrabook and iPad is collecting dust.

  5. dfshelley

    Of course better battery life would have been great but I have not found a need to use my Dell laptop for most of my daily requirements. Works well with my huge Excel data models and charges so quickly that I don't miss a beat. I knew what I was buying and love the device. My wife's new iPad has no use for me.

  6. noflames

    Read the reviews on best buy website, the go gets a high rating with many reviews.

  7. anchovylover

    The problem with the under powered Go is just that. It's battery life is atrocious.

  8. briantlewis

    It needs an i3 and at 8GB of memory to be practical with windows. That it was shipped with less is a huge vector for fail.

    • wright_is

      In reply to briantlewis:

      It depends on what you are doing with it. I had an Atom based Samsung ATIV Windows tablet, with 2GB RAM and 64Gb storage. It was fine for email and taking OneNote hand written notes in meetings, or a quick bit of couch surfing. It couldn't replace my primary PC for heavy lifiting, but for the tasks it was being used for, it was perfect - but it also had real 8 hour battery life, which was more than enough for even a day of meetings.

      • bill_russell

        In reply to wright_is:

        If a consumer is looking for a cheap laptop for the purposes you mention, I would recommend a chromebook over the cheap windows equivalent. At that level of machine the "windows" part likely becomes a problem. That is not to take a shot at microsoft, its just the reality. The right tool for the job. I use desktop linux as my work OS but I don't necessarily recommend it to the average person.

        If they know they are going to want maximum application compatiblity ,run native programs, and do "real computing", then a $500+ windows one with 8GB RAM+ of course makes more sense over a chromebook, unless you are purely going for more premium hardware.

        If I was microsoft, I would fully abandon consumer ambitions, realizing that that was a particular place and time in history where consumers "liked computers" only because that's all there was. They wanted to be online, connecting with the world, and we didn't have smartphones yet. Back before the internet, the average person had zero interest in computers unless they had a natural interest in such machines as I did.

        • james_b

          Thankfully you are not Microsoft.

        • wright_is

          In reply to Bill_Russell:

          Except there aren't many (any?) ChromeOS tablets with pen input for under 500€.

          Heck, there aren't even many ChromeOS devices at all over here - even Google don't sell any ChromeOS devices, if you enter Pixel Book into the Google Store, it goes to the Pixel smartphone page.

          ChromeOS is also, generally, too expensive; the "cheap" Celeron 4GB RAM based Chromebooks over here cost as much or more than an i3 based Windows laptop! ChromeOS just never seemed to take off in Germany, but Google also never really pushed it (see above, if they aren't even confident enough in ChromeOS to sell their own devices, it isn't really a surprise that others aren't selling them/promoting them either).

        • AnOldAmigaUser

          In reply to Bill_Russell:

          With the caveat that they understand that literally everything they do on it goes right to Google's store of information on them. There are companies that would take issue with that.

  9. robincapper

    Happy with mine for its intended use, travel companion to a SB2 at home. Only thing is the microSD slot retainer seems to have broken as they just pop out again. Will return it for that but hope they can fix without replacing as would rather a 'mine from new' than refurb replacement

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