Stalled Band 2 Repair/Replacement


Anyone experienced delays getting their Band 2 repaired/replaced?

I recently sent my Band 2 in for repair/replacement due to the strap cracking.  Microsoft has had it for over two weeks now and I have not received a replacement or gotten any unsolicited update.  Their standard email indicates a turnaround of a few days.  We’re well beyond that.

I chatted with a support person this past weekend to check in on it.  I was told they were having a difficult time finding replacement parts or devices.  She said they may just issue a refund based on recent pricing.  She couldn’t tell me when they would arrive at a decision on repair, replacement, or refund.  That’s frustrating. She did escalate the repair, whatever that means.

Between my Band 1 and Band 2, I’ve gone through this process five times.  This is the first time I’ve seen a delay like this.  I guess they cleared everything out when they decided to discontinue the device.  If they can’t repair the device within 7-10 days, they should just issue a refund.  That’s the right thing to do.

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    Interesting, if you do get a refund, let me know please.

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      In reply to Brad Sams:

      Brought my Band 2 into my local Msft store last week for a replacement. They had swapped it out for me twice previous. This time they said that they wouldn't be getting anymore in stock and that they would just offer a refund. They gave me $175 plus tax in the form of an in-store gift card.

      I'd prefer my band back but I've had the band for a year, it's been replaced twice, and they gave me almost what I paid for it...I'm not too upset.

      They must have taken quite the beating on these things. Everyone who bought one has gotten two to three plus now they're offering "refunds". Ouch!

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        In reply to daveevad:

        The refund price should depend on what you paid for it. I bought the Band 2 on day one more than a year ago, and got back the FULL original price + tax..

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          In reply to eq07:

          I got mine day one as well and paid $249 plus I purchased Microsoft Complete.  If they do offer a refund, I'm curious if it'll be for full price or market value, whatever that is.  To be fair, I wouldn't expect full price.  I have gotten a year's use out of it.  But if they did pay full price, that'd be an awesome example of great customer support.  Great support is exactly why I keep buying MS hardware.

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    I have a Band 2 sitting on my night stand with a cracked strap that won't charge any more. I wore it for a year so I'm not going to put in for a replacement.  My biggest issue is finding a replacement device that will work with my 950xl. :(

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    I have one that is M that was replaced within 4 days, but a L that has not been replaced for over 2.5 weeks.  Chatting with them right now about it.


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    I talked to them the other day because I had to get my wife's and I band 2 repaired. Apparently if you have a small band, it's harder for them to get parts. If you have medium, it should be quicker. I got my medium one today (a week turnaround). My wife's is still in "repair". I just want to get it repaired. They did state that they would give you a refund with the value of the device (not MSRP). 

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      In reply to woelfel:

      I have a large.  I guess that's a size that's taking a while too.  I'm trying the Blaze out now.  Thought the Charge 2 screen might be a bit small for notifications.  Would be awesome if it rotates when you wear it face down.  Couldn't find any info on whether it did that or not.  Could always chat with Fitbit support.

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    I have found that if you can get to a Microsoft Store that they will simply swap it out for a new one if they happen to have any in stock.

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    How long have you owned a MS Band ?

    Its expecting a bit much that Microsoft is still prepared to replace these units. The reason Microsoft is giving up on the band was because of the high return rates, in not getting robust durable quality into their products. They simply losing money on all their returns.

    Still using mine, a year after purchase, but I only use it four times week on my runs, and look after it. I don't expect Microsoft to replace my unit.

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      In reply to Jules_Wombat:

      I've owned a Band of some sort for two years.  Bought Band 1 day it went up for order.  Same for Band 2.  Swapped 1 three times during first year.  This is my second for Band 2.  I wear mine daily, almost continuously.  Just take off to shower and charge.  I use mine for watch and notifications, as well as workouts.  I've really come to rely on it.

      MS support insists that they're going to repair/replace my Band or issue a refund every time I chat with them.  Here's a snip from an email I got from them:

      "We have sold through our existing Band 2 inventory and have no plans to release another Band device this year.  We remain committed to supporting our Microsoft Band 2 customers through Microsoft Stores and our customer support channels and will continue to invest in the Microsoft Health platform, which is open to all hardware and apps partners across Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Our intention is to fulfill any open orders on a first come first service basis when stock is replenished.

      If your order is processed as intended, you will receive an automated email indicating that a replacement Band 2 has been shipped to the address provided on the original service request. Once the Band 2 has shipped, it will typically arrive within 24 to 48 hours.

      If your order cannot be processed as intended when your non-functioning Band 2 arrives at the service center, it may be necessary to refund you the purchase price of your device.  We apologize but this process can take extra time to complete.  If a refund is necessary, you will receive an automated email confirming that the Band 2 could not be replaced and a refund check will be mailed to the address we have for you on file within 6 to 8 weeks.  This email will contain the amount of the refund we will be providing."

      I'm still in a hold cycle at three weeks since they received mine.  Get the same boilerplate response each time.  Had I known this, I would have tried the store option rather than mailing in, but my nearest store is 2 hours away.

      Trying out a Fitbit Blaze now.  Still prefer the Band, but time to move on, I guess.

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    It's been confirmed that Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Band 2 (and discontinued the Band 3), and they are only providing unsold inventory now (God forbid refurbished Bands, in which I don't think would be possible due to the tearing!).

    I had my Band 2 replaced four times since last October when the Band 2 was released. I was a faithful Band owner since buying both Band versions (both on DAY ONE of release). I LOVED the Band in general, but when I tried to replace my Band 2 a fifth time at a local Microsoft Store, due to the tearing issue, they said that they're only offering Fitbits as a replacement.

    For whatever odd reason, I didn't have a problem going with a Fitbit (I chose the Charge 2). I would usually raise a fuss, but felt it was futile and just went with it. I REALLY miss the awesome touchscreen of the Band overall (Fitbit screens suck), but Fitbit's overall support, frequent additions of features, and availability on all main platforms rocks. I also got really tired of the lack of support/integration with third party services for the MS Band.

    Overall, the very small and somewhat touch-inconsistent screen on the Fitbits is my only real major gripe. Everything else works great. I went to the dark side because I had no choice, but the pros outweigh the cons!

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    You have a Large, right? If so, email me: You can have mine if you want it. No promises on anything, of course, but it works (I will charge it again) and has no tears or defects that I am aware of.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      everything must go!?

      that is very generous of you Paul.

      I am now on band 6 (I think). Three due to torn bands and 2 due to lockup issues. Each time they extend the warranty. The last time was the 1st time I went through their online exchange and they shipped a replacement before receiving mine in exchange. At the store, they swapped the band - online they sent everything including cable.

      do I feel guilty in exchanging it - not in the least. I did nothing to abuse it other than wear it. regrettably it doesn't hold up. The MS support has been outstanding - have to give them props


  9. Mulderjoe

    My wife's Band2's heart monitor stopped working a few weeks ago, now the Band isn't charging. As it's been a year since purchase, and outside of warranty, i'm going to contact my credit card company to see what they will do for refund/repair/replacement.

    JWPear, you posted this a few months ago. Did you ever receive your Band from MS? I have a store locally, so I'll bring it there once I receive word from the credit card.