Stalled Band 2 Repair/Replacement


Anyone experienced delays getting their Band 2 repaired/replaced?

I recently sent my Band 2 in for repair/replacement due to the strap cracking.  Microsoft has had it for over two weeks now and I have not received a replacement or gotten any unsolicited update.  Their standard email indicates a turnaround of a few days.  We’re well beyond that.

I chatted with a support person this past weekend to check in on it.  I was told they were having a difficult time finding replacement parts or devices.  She said they may just issue a refund based on recent pricing.  She couldn’t tell me when they would arrive at a decision on repair, replacement, or refund.  That’s frustrating. She did escalate the repair, whatever that means.

Between my Band 1 and Band 2, I’ve gone through this process five times.  This is the first time I’ve seen a delay like this.  I guess they cleared everything out when they decided to discontinue the device.  If they can’t repair the device within 7-10 days, they should just issue a refund.  That’s the right thing to do.

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