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Any suggestions on a good 10″ Tablet or under. I usually use a Pixel C or my Chromebook but I need to occasionally use Internet Explorer for one of my applications. I would like something I could put the Chrome Browser on and can actually handle Chrome. Other then that it doesn’t need to do much as I mostly surf the internet while I travel. 

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    I use a HP Stream 8 tablet, which has an Intel Z3735 Atom chip, 1 GB RAM and an 8" screen at 1280x800 resolution. Decent enough for browsing, and 8" is a better size than a 7" screen (though this is down to individual preferences).

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      Do you know any update on Surface 10" ? I like this form factor due to its light weight and if with latest Intel ship, it will be perfect for me.

      I just use it for my daily work with simple MS office suite which is very essential for me with internet ?

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    I have a NuVision 8" windows tablet. I would not recommend it though because the battery life is not what I was hoping for. It used to be totally unacceptable until I reset and reinstalled W10. It is not Bad


    pass on the NuVision - they do not support the power states I expect from a Windows platform


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    MS Store has a detachable HP 2-in-one for $179 that looks very nice! I'm not sure on the size, it may be 10" though.

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    I recently picked up the ASUS Transformer Mini T102HA from the Microsoft store. With the included active pen and keyboard, it's a solid deal. I read many reviews stating how slow the device is, but I'm glad I didn't buy into them. I'm a mostly basic user. OneNote, Office 2016, some Steam applications, and this thing flies for my use. I will admit I've been using Edge and have not loaded Chrome on it yet, so I can't tell you how well it handles Chrome. It's extremely small and portable and the battery life lasts all day. At least it has in my use case. I would definitely recommend checking it out.