Super-snarky post about Surface Studio


Artists get real about Microsoft’s Surface Studio

I wonder if Mashable is just an Apple site.

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  1. 1080

    Did bother reading past: 

    "Based on a brief, unscientific survey of Mashable's art and design team, who are yet to touch the product, we learned that the Surface Studio may have the following artistic flaws."

    Pure click bait bs

    • 5767

      In reply to Finley:

      But you know that Mashable's art & design team are 100% on Macs. At this point they are just throwing stones at Microsoft and having a good time.

  2. 5496

    MAshable sucks. They complain, but they haven't used it.

  3. 1321

    Its a joke article I reckon, you can tell be the incorrect English in the title.

  4. 5714

    It's going to be hard...if not impossible...for Microsoft to penetrate a market that Apple has served so well over the years.  When you have tools that work... replacing them with tools that *might* work better is a difficult sell.  And if the experience is  "one step forward - two steps back" (as Microsoft is World renown for) you are finished.

  5. 5271

    It is an Apple site. My WP8.1 ie browser won't scroll the page. Stupid.