Surface 3 Problems


I have the following issues with my Surface 3 running Windows 10 Anniversary update

Audio stops working  requiring a reboot

Battery life is about half of what it was with Windows 8.1

Has anyone found a solution?

It is interesting I have a Lenovo T430S that works flawlessly on Windows 10 and a device made by Microsoft does not.

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    I've had similar problems with my Surfacebook after the AU. I took it to Microsoft store twice to fix it and the problem would return. I had the same frustration that I paid good money for a Microsoft device and it had issues that my other device a Dell running Windows 10 with the AU didn't have. 

    Fortunately I found a fix from an Insider in a Microsoft forum which requires installing an old audio driver from September 2015. Apparently the AU doesn't like the audio driver that you probably have with a January 29, 2016 date. Go to this link and it should resolve your problem as I have not had any problems since using the fix found in this link. It's shame that Microsoft seemingly hasn't notice that this problem exist but apparently it's a small portion of users. Maybe they'll fix it in a future update or Patch Tuesday update. However I expect these nagging driver issues with other OEM but not with Microsoft own hardware as I would expect them to work in harmony.


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    I have had a lot of similar glitches with my Surface 3. I have had it for about 1 and a half years. 

    And believe it or not, the Surface itself or Microsoft fixed the problems automatically. It might take a week or so.

    The latest pain in the dupa is if I am playing a file in Groove and push the pause and leave it in pause for 10 or 15 minutes, it won't play again

    when I push the play button. I have to restart the file with Groove. I usally start the file by double clicking on it in Windows file explorer.



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      In reply to AllanJ:

      My biggest complaint is of course the audio. I have tried everything. Uninstalling and let it reinstall. install the driver from Microsoft. I even, out of desperation, tried one of those driver update utilities. Just a pain in the rear.

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    I have not had any audio issues on my Surface 3 but I was having some wireless connection issues from time to time.  So, I reset (keeping my data) and so far, so good.  Its a pain to have to resinstall your favorite apps but it does make the machine run a little better.  (use to do the same on the desktop from time to time). 

    Have you tried a reset? 

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      In reply to Hondo:

      I have reset it three times. twice to windows 8.1 then to 10 and once a clean install of 10. Nothing has helped. If I let it go to sleep, eventually the sound quits working and I have to reboot it to get it to work again. I will try to go back to an older driver and see if that works.