Surface 3 – Smaller shouldn’t mean cheaper


I currently own a Surface 3, and a Surface Pro 4 i7, and as someone who travels a lot in Europe working away from my ‘office’ is important.

Unusually, I actually prefer the Surface 3 to travel with as it is more usable onboard an aircraft – for me the SP4 is just slightly too big, but now two years old, I’m really hoping there will be a refresh of the 11 inch(ish) design.

Just like the iPad Pro series – with very small differences between the larger and smaller sizes, I really wish that Microsoft wouldn’t see the smaller Surface as a cheaper device this time around and cut corners for the sake of price.

While I understand and support that such a device would run on ARM – that would bring cellular which I would find incredibly useful. Have smaller bezels, although keep the same footprint with a slightly larger screen (11 inches?), and carry over as much as possible from the pro series. 

Just because its smaller doesn’t mean that it isn’t a pro device.

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