Surface Book (1st Gen) Screen Yellowing/Battery Issues – Remedy?


I didn’t see anything about this posted anywhere else on the forum, so I thought I would ask. I have a 1st gen Surface Book (the i5/256 with dedicated GPU). In recent months, the battery in the screen half of the unit started to swell, creating the yellow areas around the edges of the screen. I understand this is common.

I called MS support a few months ago and was quoted a $599 repair charge. I assume that means they would send me a new unit since I don’t see them popping open the screen to replace the battery. What I don’t know is what do they replace it with. Will it be another 1st gen with the same specs? Anyone know the answer. The rep I spoke with didn’t know.

I declined to send it in at the time because the $599 seemed steep and I thought I might do better if I took it into my local Microsoft Store once the pandemic eased and the stores reopened. Now we know the pandemic is nowhere near over and the stores are never reopening.

So what is my best play here? I can’t use it with the battery swollen. Too dangerous. But I really liked it and don’t want to just dump it. Is the $599 worth doing? Has anyone with a similar problem received a better deal. If I pay the $599, what will they send me to replace my Surface Book? Any answers or suggestions?

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