Surface Book 3 as a desktop replacement


So I recently bought a Surface Book 3 to use mainly as a desktop replacement connected to an external monitor at my home office. Since I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon I was wondering how to keep the device healthy throughout the period.

  1. Is it safe to keep the device closed during office tasks like email, Word and web browsing? I know that Surface Books have a vent above the keyboard for the GPU, but since during office work the Nvidia GPU is inactive, it should be fine? Right?:)
  2. There is an option in the UEFI to limit the battery charge to 50%, but it works only for the tablet part. The base still charges to 100% every time. Are there any good practices I should follow? Discharge the battery (use it for some time) every week, month? I’ve seen horror stories of swollen batteries on Reddit and would like to avoid it if possible.

Any help is much appreciated.

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