Surface Book – display detaches randomly


Hey everyone,

I’ve posted this with Microsoft but wanted to see if anyone here has seen a similar issue crop up. After a run of bad luck on the original Surface Book that featured three warranty returns, I upgraded and moved to the Performance Base version.

With this computer, I have a completely different issue that popped up where as I take the computer out of my bag, the display has detached on one or both sides. What the heck?! So, I brought it back to the MS store, swapped it out, and the same is happening with the replacement device. The fine folks at the store are now giving me the shoulder shrug and telling me that they’ll swap it out again but I’m out of a return period so it seems I am stuck with this issue. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar? I have (unfortunately) worked with six different Books at this point, so I know that I’m not “doing it wrong”. Words of advice or emotional support would be appreciated; this is the biggest roller-coaster of purchase satisfaction I have ever experienced, considering the price tag. Thanks, all!

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