Surface Book not coming out of sleep


My SurfaceBook now will not wake from sleep properly – after last Tuesday’s cumulative updates.


  • Plugged into SurfaceDock
  • Walk away for a few minutes…press a key to wake it up
  • All I get is a black screen (on both) and my mouse pointer flashing but moveable
  • The only way to recover from this is to disconnect from dock and then reconnect
  • Then I waste time putting everything back the way I had it on the second monitor

Any clues as to resolve this issue? I’ve already run the Surface Dock update utility which says it is up to date.

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  1. Brad Sams

    You are not the first to say this, have heard others with the issue as well :/

    • xapache

      In reply to brad-sams:

      After the latest cumulative update or from before? This is a new one for me, I must be the lucky one SB owner that has had zero issues until this update. I never suffered from the hot bag thing either.

  2. Polycrastinator

    Sounds like a display driver issue, which given how those things are pushed, is not all that helpful.

    I have found on my SB, when plugged in, if I allow it to go to sleep if I hit the keys it will appear like it woke up but the screen doesn't come on until I tap the power button. I don't get a mouse cursor though so it may not be the same issue you're seeing.

  3. xapache

    After trying nearly everything under the sun I had to resort to the nuclear option. I reset my PC.

    Not only did that resolve the sleep issue but now the SurfaceBook is performing so much better. The task manager loads instantly (it wasn't before) and after a day I rarely get the hissing snake that I was getting frequently after that last cumulative update.

    Sucks reinstalling but after a year of ownership it was time to clean the house....