Surface Book stability in 2018


I’m wondering if there are any Surface Book 1 owning denizens of this site (bonus points if it’s the Performance Base version) that might be able to provide feedback on how well Microsoft have gone fixing the stability and performance issues that plagued the machines in the early days.

I’ve recently come across somewhere selling refurbished Performance Base Surface Books for essentially half the price of similarly specced Book 2s and while I’m sorely tempted, I can’t remember ever hearing definitively that the 333rd time was the charm and all the problems were finally resolved, so I’m concerned that it could turn into an extremely frustrating bargain. It’s probably just that I stopped paying attention after the first couple of hundred times they said “no really, this time we’ve got it for sure…” and they’ve been good as gold for 18 months, but given the sheer number of times the released “fixes” that didn’t work trying to search for it now a lesson in futility.

So instead I turn to the wisdom of the forums, secure in the knowledge that are bound to be more than a couple of determined Surface Book owner here that have stuck with their machines through all the troubles that can guide me on whether or not a first generation Surface Book is still a disaster in 2018.

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