Surface Brand and Resale Value


I think Microsoft has been successful in creating a truly premium brand with its Surface hardware. I recently went through and sold a couple of Surface devices I had–Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3. I have to say that both sold quickly and both fetched respectible values. I was surprised the Surface 2 sold at all. The big surprise was that my SP3 sold for nearly $140 more than I was shooting for.

In my eye, this is a sign that the Surface brand is both premium and respected by the market. I certainly don’t have any hard numbers to throw out. But from my limited experience buying and selling Surfaces and MacBooks, it seems like the Surface brand holds its value similar to MacBooks. This makes me feel a little better about paying a premium price as I know the device will hold its value better than non-Surface devices. 

Curious if others have seen their Surface hardware hold its value well.

By the way, I snatched up a used SB2 on Swappa and had to sell the S2 and SP3 to justify the purchase with my wife. ?

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  1. jimchamplin

    My OG Surface power supply croaked, but my iPad 3 is still running strong.

    Not that the Surface would be very useful. Microsoft never felt any pressing need to backport UWP to Windows 8.x.