Surface "Go"


Excited about tomorrow’s expected Microsoft Surface “Go” event! Who’s gonna get one? Hoping that pre-orders at least go live.

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  1. VancouverNinja

    Two on order but I am going to wait for the 8 gb ram 256gb storage version.

  2. bbold

    Just had a thought I wanted to add... To those who have been saying that $399 is too much for a device with eMMC storage, I'm sure MS priced this so they could eventually come DOWN in price. Case in point.. we have just seen the entry level $1000 Surface Laptop drop price to $799. MS has also updated the base models of some Surface devices and also dropped the price. Likewise, I'm sure at some point (probably after the holidays) we may see Surface Go retail for $329 or more, which is the same price as the entry level iPad, to which this is supposed to be competing against. I think that price would be a no brainer for many, and would allow even more folks to enjoy a Surface device. Keep in mind that the entry level iPad is $329 currently but only comes with 32GB ram, whereas the entry level Surface Go contains 64GB. Thoughts?

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to bbold:

      No doubt, and there's probably going to be good bundle deals too. Honest truth is that the system probably runs better than I'd expect. I have two machines with eMMC storage, a Lenovo ideaPad Flex and a Dell Venue Pro. The Dell has 4GB of RAM and an Atom CPU. That Pentium Gold is going to mop the floor with the Atom in the Dell which I consider to be an adequate performer.

      I mentioned somewhere else that I'm not looking for a device that's high performance, I'm looking for something that's going to be a companion to my primary desktop system. This would be just as good as the Dell Venue, and might be worth looking at, assuming a version of it is still available when I'm ready.

      • bbold

        In reply to jimchamplin:

        I agree completely, Jim. An ultra-portable PC is very important to me, since I'm constantly straggling between work meetings, media creation for work events, and also my schoolwork, not to mention my writing and other hobbies I normally use my Surface Pro for. I also travel quite a bit and am looking forward to something I can carry with me that is lighter and versatile. I'm looking forward to seeing how the 8 GB model performs. I ordered the higher end Go model as Paul suggested. It should be here in about a week, and I'm looking forward to giving a first impressions review as early as a week from now.

  3. jimchamplin

    With eMMC storage?

    Surface Go Slow! :D

  4. ErichK

    I think this makes a dent in my plans regarding what I will eventually upgrade to once I need to move on from my current Asus 2-in-1. I thought I was going to get a Macbook, because I wanted to dual-boot macOS and Windows, but now this Surface Go comes along and now I have to do a rethink! This definitely has me interested.

  5. lecter

    I know it's not really meant as a video consumption device, but they are 120 pixels short of 1080p resolution...what the hell, Microsoft? This means that services like Amazon Prime Video will default to 720p and its accordingly shitty bitrate, because I don't think they have anything in between.

    Otherwise, a beautiful, desirable device which would make an excellent laptop replacement.

    • Saxwulf

      In reply to lecter:

      1920 X 1080 = 2073600
      1800 X 1200 = 2160000

      Surface Go is full HD, just a slightly different shape.

      • VancouverNinja

        In reply to Saxwulf:

        Thanks for this. I had the question in to Microsoft as it would have been weird to have all my shows in non HD.

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to Saxwulf:

        1800x1200 may have more pixels, but if a FHD stream were sending images as 1920x1080, you'd have 60 pixel black bars above and below the image while clipping off 60 pixels on left and right sides. If you could scale the FHD image, it could maintain 16:9 aspect ratio as 1792x1008.

  6. Paul Thurrott

    Preorders will be live in the morning. August 2 for purchase.

    • bbold

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Thx Paul. Ordered mine today. Finally! Had to chat with a Store support tech to actually place my order around 8 am MST. Kept getting errors when checking out, for about an hour.Thought maybe it was sold out but after I chatted to a tech they were able to place the order for me. (after I begrudgingly sat through broken English and apologies, of course.) Looks like they don't charge your card until the order ships. Can't wait! Also ordered a cover, pen and new mouse to go along with it. Because... you just gotta. Here, MS, take my hard earned $$! lol :D

        • bbold

          In reply to ErichK:

          I'm enjoying my Surface Go immensely! I think as long as people keep their expectations in check - to use the Go as a super portable productivity device, rather than for things its not built for (gaming, photo or video editing), they will also find it's a fantastic device. Perfect for students, writers, artists, note-takers and such. This thing is light and not as slow as some have complained about (at least for my usage.) Getting the 8GB model tho is a must! A+

  7. iPhoneX

    I really want one, I have owned an RT and Pro 3 (both have died, not through their own faults but due to my abuse). I miss them and am eyeing off the Go very seriously. I like the smaller size ... and the rounded corners.