Surface Go – Faster after a reset


I received a Surface Go as a Christmas present this year. As Paul explained, it was too slow, especially compared to the Surface Pro 3 that it replaced. As with my Surface Pro 3, I transitioned the Go from 10 S mode to 10 Home. This “upgrade” made the Go run worse than before.

At this point, I decided to install the insider preview, because i love to punish myself. After installing an update, the Go would no longer boot up. It was equivilent to a MBR failure. I decided, because the Go was so new, I would do a fresh 1809 install. 1809 installed without a hitch, after which I installed 19H1.

Now, the Go is running far better than it did out-of-the-box. Initially, I could only run one app at a time. Now, the device multitasks without any issue.

Any ideas on how a clean install could help this much?