Surface is special and a huge success, Paul is wrong


I do appreciate Paul’s more realistic take on most things but he’s wrong about Surface. Google effectively pulling out of the laptop/tablet hardware game is just more proof that Surface is indeed special and successful. The amount of people that have switched from ThinkPads or even MacBooks to Surface is really surprising. There’s something else that should be considered: Intel has been shipping 14nm chips on the same Skylake architecture since 2015! 2015!! This 14nm Skylake platform is seriously outdated at this point and it’s really harming Surface (because they’re being compared to iPads). This is not Microsoft’s fault, it’s Intel’s fault. When Intel finally starts making 10nm chips (and on a new architecture) and Microsoft includes USB-C ports on the Surface Pro, we could see Surface make serious inroads on Apple and ThinkPads marketshare. The Surface team aren’t lucky, they know what they’re doing and that’s why the products are successful in such a difficult and competitive market space. Even with all the money in the world and a beloved brand, Google couldn’t compete in this high-end hardware space, but Surface can. That says a lot…

Surface is a top 5 PC maker in the US, I see a Surface Pro almost every day…

All things considered (and now with even Google throwing in the towel on laptops/tablets) we need to start giving Surface the respect it deserves.

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