Surface Laptop at MS Store


Stopped by the MS Store near me and they have the Surface Laptops on display now.  If you think they look nice in photos… wow in person it is really amazing.  The build quality, feel and format is just perfect.  I’m not one to get very excited about hardware, but this might just be my next laptop, despite the disappointing lack of USB-C or convertible form factor.  Incredibly thin and light, with a super solid feel, and beatiful finish (man those colors are nice). 

That 3:2 screen makes such a huge difference, filling in all the usable space and not leaving any huge bezel on the top and/or bottom like 16:9 screens.  Also opens easiy with one hand.  The 3:2 format is something I really wish other OEM’s would follow.  Comparing that screen makes others look clunky. 

The Alcantara is smoother than I had thought, almost like a cross between leather and a fabric, doesn’t seem like it would have any wear issues, and feels great. 

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  1. cjhawkins3rd

    Saw the laptops today, and I agree with the above comments. But what I really liked was that the laptops are compatible with the Surface 3 and 4 docks. You can use your existing dock, and hook it up with your existing monitors. It is still a Surface....

  2. lvthunder

    I really like the 3:2 screen as well on my Surface Book.

  3. siko

    Yes, 3:2 screen is the category (re)defined here! I don't want less now I'm used to it!