Surface Laptop Studio Review


I know Brad got a surface laptop studio will we be getting a full review?

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  1. jwpear

    I got one too--the i5 model with 512 GB storage with 16 GB RAM.

    A few things I've noted:

    1. It has the same supreme feel you expect from a Surface device. I still love the magnesium finish and I'm glad Microsoft continues to offer it on some of its premium devices. We'll see how the coating holds up now that the underlying material is aluminum.
    2. The 14.4 inch display is really nice for my aging eyes. It is surprising how that extra space makes the display feel so much bigger. This is in contrast to the 13.5 inch Surface Book that it will replace.
    3. I haven't missed the extra resolution--yet. I was a little disappointed that Microsoft dropped the resolution in this premium of premium Surface device, but I haven't missed it so far. High DPI displays are important to me because they make text clearer, which helps offset the impact of my astigmatism, and allows me to see more detail in high res photos I'm editing. Speaking of photos, I haven't yet tried editing some to see how this compares to my SB. I think that's where I'll miss this most.
    4. The display truly seems brighter than the SB. This is nice too for aging eyes and use in bright settings. I'd say it is in line with the Macbook Pro now.
    5. The keyboard is fantastic. I love a keyboard with sturdy keys and travel. I think this keyboard is actually better than the SB, which felt slightly mushy to me.
    6. I'm not particularly fond of the chassis. I hate the groove around the display when the lid is closed. I also hate the shelf.
    7. The vents on the sides seem oddly placed. It is easy to block them when using the laptop in the lap. This has already lead to hot lap situations with just a few days of use. I do not understand why this wasn't placed in the back like the Surface Laptop and many other laptops (e.g. Macbook Pro). I always thought the Surface devices had very clever vent placement--until now. Microsoft could have done better. It feels like amateurs designed the chassis and haven't learned from the failures of others in the past.
    8. It is heavy. It is heavier than the Surface Book. I'm surprised by just how dense and heavy it feels. I knew it would be just comparing specs, but it is worse than I thought it would be. On a positive note, it is not top heavy like the Surface Book.
    9. Battery life, so far, seems to be about the same as the Surface Book. I guess this is good, given the better processors.
    10. I really wish I could get an i5 with 32 GB of RAM. The price jump to get 32 GB of RAM was just too much for me. I don't need a dedicated GPU or an i7. Some extra storage would be nice, but with OneDrive on demand files, I don't particularly need more than 512 GB.
    11. I am a Surface fan. I could get a better device at a better price, but I do love the build and material quality of the Surface devices.
  2. beckoningeagle

    I have one two and want to add the following:

    1. You can use a USB-C laptop charger as well even though it does not have the power logo on the computer. I also find it charges faster via USB using a MAC charger in place of the Surface one. Even though the Surface one has a higher wattage.
    2. The sound in this thing is incredible. If you download the Dolby ATMOS test app from the store you will experience full positional audio around you. It is the first time I have been really able to listen to sound all around me on a non 5.1 or 7.1 type of discrete device. I have tried over 20 pair of headphones and 2 speaker setups to find that 7.1 and 5.1 audio is impossible without the discreet speakers around you. Not this laptop, in this case I do hear everything around me even though the speakers are only in front of me.
    • jwpear

      I used my MacBook Pro USB-C charger with my SB3. I haven't yet tried it with the SLS. It is nice to have a single charger that works with multiple devices.

      Thanks for the tip on the Dolby ATMOS. I will definitely try out the test app.

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